marymitchell Mary Mitchell
Chicago Sun-Times Columnist

Mary Mitchell, Chicago Sun-Times Columnist devoted two columns to Dr. Kara Davis and Spiritual Secrets to Weight Loss: “Doc Wants to Help Christians Shape Up” October 24, 2010 “God, Good Book make Winning Weight Loss Team” January 13, 2011

davestevensDavid Stevens, MD, MA (Ethics)
Chief Executive Officer, Christian Medical & Dental Associations

David Stevens, MD, MA (Ethics) Chief Executive Officer, Christian Medical & Dental Associations Endorses Spiritual Secrets to a Healthy Heart: “This book is a perfect prescription for a healthy life! It wisely shares biblical health principles and then reveals how evidence-based science has reached the same conclusions. This is book will transform your body, mind and soul. Read it!”

image12Thelma Wells, MDiv, DD,
Founder and President “A Woman of God Ministries,” Author, Speaker

Endorses Spiritual Secrets to Weight Loss

“Dr. Davis blends her medical knowledge, practical experience, and the Word of God to help us become our personal change agents for a healthy lifestyle. Having gone through a life-threatening illness myself, I know the value of following a plan like this to guide us to complete health. You can begin to improve your health TODAY by following the plan in this book!”

daleDale Fletcher, M.S
Founder, Faith and Health Connection

Endorses Spiritual Secrets to a Healthy Heart

“Dr. Davis wonderfully addresses the inseparable nature of one’s spirit, mind and body. Her knowledge of both medical facts and spiritual truths recorded in the Bible coupled with her devotion to God and love of people makes this book a must read for those who desire to care for their physical heart.”

glendaGlenda F. Hodges, PhD, J.D., M.Div
Associate Hospital Director, Howard University Hospital, Washington, D.C., Director, Spirituality in Medicine Program

Endorses Spiritual Secrets to a Healthy Heart

“According to Matthew 12:34, ‘…out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.’ What an appropriate observation to describe Spiritual Secrets to a Healthy Heart, by Dr. Kara Davis. She has challenged the reader with God’s word to support her scientific claims of how we live, how we feel and how it is! If you desire an appetizing manuscript that will bless you spiritually and motivate you physically, Dr. Davis’ work is a must read. It has the capacity to add years to your life and life to your years!”

kenwalkerKen Walker
Writer, Editor, Co-Author of Winning the Food Fight: Victory in the Physical and Spiritual Battle for Good Food and a Healthy Lifestyle

Endorses Spiritual Secrets to Weight Loss

“Ironically, Dr. Davis released this updated edition the same year that I went into a vegetarian lifestyle program after needing double bypass surgery. Four years later I am still learning and plan to keep this book around for handy reference. It is chock full of useful information and spiritual insights about why this nation has such staggering weight problems. In my case, my longtime overeating stemmed from a root of self-centeredness. I know I am not alone; Dr. Davis notes that this common habit runs directly opposite the other-centered living prescribed by the Bible. That people in the church have even worse weight problems than those outside the church ought to be a source of embarrassment and conviction for every follower of Christ, regardless of background or denomination. This state of affairs also points uncomfortable fingers at our nation’s food system, which has advertised its way into the hearts and minds of millions while putting profits ahead of good health. It is small wonder (as she points out) that 96 percent of American children recognize Ronald McDonald, or that children’s consumption of soft drinks more than doubled from the late 1970s to the late `90s. Individuals can definitely profit from reading this book and taking its lessons to heart. However, it will be even more useful in a group setting, where participants can help reinforce its teachings and hold each other accountable to embracing a healthy lifestyle.”

ettaEtta Dale Hornsteiner
Author of The Ten Commandments for Living a Healthy and Fit Life, Educator, Speaker Founder,

Endorses Spiritual Secrets to a Healthy Heart

“You will never look at the Bible the same way again. It was right there all along—the Gospel of Health. Everything we need to live a healthy and fit life is captured in the Spiritual Secrets to a Healthy Heart by Dr. Kara Davis with scientific examples supporting the Scriptures. Finally, we can no longer ignore the interdependence of body, mind, and spirit in order to live life to its fullest. My heart leaps for joy!”

janJan Silvious
Author, speaker, Life Coach

Endorses Spiritual Secrets to Weight Loss

“Dr. Kara Davis has gone to the core of the issue and offers hope and dependable advice to the person who is ready to get serious about weight loss!”

danfountain1Dan Fountain, MD, MPH
Author, God, Medicine and Miracles; Health, the Bible and the Church

Endorses Spiritual Secrets to a Healthy Heart

“In this well researched and documented book on healthy living, Dr. Davis combines physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual components of health and of the causes of many diseases, with special emphasis on coronary artery disease. She provides many practical guidelines on how to live, eat, work, and play well in order to enjoy the healthy life God intends for us. This is biblical and scientific wholism at its best and in a highly readable, sensible, and pragmatic style. Putting into practice this wealth of information will strengthen your heart and add productive and tasty years to your life.”

Patricia RaybonPatricia Raybon
Award-winning author of I Told the Mountain to Move, My First White Friend, The One Year® God’s Great Blessings Devotional and Undivided: A Muslim Daughter, Her Christian Mother, Their Path to Peace.

Endorses “Timeless”

“With her trademark warmth and optimism, Dr. Kara Davis shares smart and timely advice for those “of a certain age”–and for those who want to live long, too. Both wise and practical, Timeless: Your Body, Mind and Spirit Guide to Aging with Grace and Confidence details the secret of achieving a long and vibrant life every moment, every day and every year.”

ProfRobertHubbardDr. Robert L. Hubbard, Jr.
Professor Emeritus of Old Testament
North Park Theological Seminary

Endorses “Timeless”

“Dr. Davis is an experienced Christian doctor who skillfully interweaves scriptural insights, medical knowledge, and personal experience into its contents. The result is a remarkably thorough, wide-ranging, and candid treatment of the many dimensions of aging. Its conversational style, gentle sense of humor, and use of anecdotes and visual illustrations make the book a delightful read.”

HNormanWrightH. Norman Wright
Author, What to Say When You Don’t Know What To Say: In Times of Grief, Heartache and Crisis

Endorses “Timeless”

“I was amazed at the amount of insightful and practical content of this much needed book. The blend of medical information, help with the aging process and Biblical truths was refreshing and will be welcomed by anyone over forty. This is definitely a must read book!”

Jerome NelsonRev. Jerome Nelson
Superintendent of the Central Conference
The Evangelical Covenant Church

Endorses “Timeless”

Dr. Davis has written a book that should be required reading for all adults, especially for us “Baby Boomers.” Timeless: Your Body, Mind and Spirit Guide to Aging With Grace and Confidence is a spiritual road map that will encourage, inspire and challenge you to live a life of purpose, and press toward the finish line with peace. She combines medical knowledge with biblical insight in a thoughtful, often humorous way. This book is a must read!